Poetics: Chapter 21 - Full Text

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Two kinds of Noun: Metaphor

      Nouns are of two kinds, either (1) simple, i.e. made up of non-significant parts, like the words 'yn', or (2) double; in the latter case the word maybe made up either of a significant and a non-significant part (distinction which disappears in the compound), or of two significant parts'. It is possible also to have triple, quadruple or higher compounds, like most of our amplified names.

      Whatever its structure, a Noun must always be either (1) the ordinary word for the things, or (2) a strange word, or (3) a metaphor, or (4) an ornamental word, or (5) a coined word, or (6) a word lengthened out, or (7) curtailed, or (8) altered in form...Metaphor consists in giving the thing name that belongs to something else, the transference being either from genus to species or from species to genus, or from species to species or on grounds of analogy.

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