Poetics: Chapter 20 - Full Text

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Diction: its Various Parts

      The Diction viewed as a whole is made up of the following parts: the Letter (or ultimate elements), the Syllable, the Conjunction, the Article, Noun, the Verb, the Case, and the Speech. (1) The Letter is an indivisible sound of a particular kind, one that may become a factor in an intelligible sound. These elementary sounds are either vowels, semi-vowels, or mutes....(2) Syllable is a non-significant composite sound, made up of a mute and a Letter having a sound (a vowel or semi-vowel)... (3) A Conjunction is a non-significant sound... (4) An Article is a non-significant sound marking the beginning, end, or dividing point of a Speech; its natural place being either at the extremities or in the middle. (5) A Noun or name is a composite significant not involving the idea of time, with parts which have no significance by themselves in it.....(6) A verb is a composite significant sound involving the idea of time, with parts which just as in the Noun) have no significance by themselves in it....(7) A Case of Noun or Verb is when the word means 'of or to' a thing, and so forth... (8) A Speech is a composite significant sound, some of the parts of which have a certain significance by themselves...

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