Circumstances Which Led to The Murder of Alec d’Urbervilles

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      When Angel Clare returned from Brazil he tried to find out the place where Tess lived. He went to Flintcomb-Ash where he came to know that Tess had gone back to her native village. At this, Angel Clare went to Marlott where again he did not find her. At last, he met Mrs. Joan Durbeyfield who told her that Tess lived at Sandbourne. When he reached this newly-grown town, he traced out Tess. She lived at the Heron which was a stylish lodging house owned and run by Mrs. Broos. It was here at this place that Tess lived with Alec d’Urberville.

      When Tess returned to Alee, she told how he had given her a lie. He had used his cruel persuasion upon her. He moved her by the needs of her mother and the children. He said that her husband would never return. If she expected him to return she was a fool. He returned to her and she lost him forever. He would always hate her. He looked as if he was dying. Her sin would kill him. Thus Alec had torn her life to pieces. He had made Her become what she prayed him in pity not to make her again. Her true husband would never love her again.

      When Alec d’Urberville heard these words he spoke some sharp words. These words made her spring to her feet. She took a knife and stabbed the villain to death. She wounded him near the heart. Though the wound was not deep, yet it was so near the heart that he succumbed to his injury and passed away. Now Tess left the Herons and went in search of Angel Clare. She saw him near the station and followed him along the road. She overcame him after covering one or two miles. She told him how she had killed Alec d’Urbervilles. She said that it came to her as a shining light that she should get him back by killing the scoundrel. She could not bear the loss of true husband any longer. After this, she asked Angel Clare for his forgiveness. Angel Clare forgave her. He kissed her sad lips many times. It was under these circumstances that Alec d’Urberville had to lose his life. Thus he was stabbed to death by Tess. Indeed the wages of sin is always death. Alec d’Urberville had sinned against Tess, so he had to meet his death.

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