Last Phase of Tess Life in Tess of the d'Urbervilles

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      The last phase of Tess’ life was deeply moving and painful. When she stabbed Alec to death, she went out to seek her true husband Angel Clare. She saw him from a distance near the station. She followed him along the road and overcame him after covering a mile or so. When she met him, she told how she had stabbed Alec to death with a knife, for she could get her true husband back only by doing away with the villain. Angel Clare kissed her endlessly and held her hand. He said that he would never desert her. He promised to protect her by every means in his power. He did not mind what she had done or not done. He led her through a shady wood. Tess felt tired, but she promised to walk forever and ever with his hand around her. At midday, Angel brought some food and wine and shared the meal with her under a tree. They proposed to go to the north, stay there for some time and then sail for a foreign land. When it was evening, they passed by the side of a beautiful house in the lovely wood. They decided to pass the night in this house.

      On inquiry Angel Clare came to know from a boy that the caretaker was an old woman. She came to it on fine days, She opened the doors and windows of this house after sunrise. She closed them after sunset. They entered the house through a window. They remained in the house like birds in a cage. The night was solemn and still. The following day was foggy, he went out to bring some articles of food from a village. They passed five nights and days in the house. Tess did not want to go out. She said to Angel Clare that what must come would come. What was lotted could not be blotted. All trouble was outside and all content was inside. She feared lest her loving thoughts of her knight not last for a long time. She would rather be dead and buried when the time came for him to despise her. At this Angel Clare tenderly assured her of his constant love and faithfulness.

      On the morning of the fifth day, the caretaker came up to open the windows due to the sunny and bright weather. Therefore Tess and Clare left the house and went through the lovely woods in the darkness of night. They reached Stonehenge and stayed at the place which seemed to be like the Temple of the winds. Tess lay down on a stone and Clare sat near her, While she felt sleepy, she asked Clare to watch over Liza Lu if something happened to her. She was a good, simple and pure girl. If he lost her he should marry her. She was gentle and sweet. She was growing beautiful. She could share with him in heaven if they became spirits. She had all the best of her without the bad of her. If he married Liza Lu, death would not divide her from him. She wanted to know if she should meet him again after death. Clare only kissed her to avoid a reply at such a time.

      When Tess began to sleep, Clare saw that the day was dawning. At this time some policemen came to arrest Tess. They surrounded Clare on all sides. She could not escape now. He requested them to let Tess complete her sleep. They allowed her do so. When she became conscious of the presence of the policemen or guards, she surrendered herself to them. While parting Tess said that this happiness could not have lasted. It was too much. She had had enough and she was no more going to live for him to despise her. After a few days, Tess was hanged to death under a black flag in the prison house. Angel Clare and Liza Lu were also united. Thus justice was done and the President of the Immortals had ended his sport with Tess.

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