The Wreck of the Deutschland: Stanza 9 - Summary

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      “The three numbered form” here means the three aspects of the Supreme Power—God, the Son (Christ) and the Holy Ghost. The poet wants that everybody should pay respect to God in his three aspects. The poet wants that those human beings who defy the divine order and don’t obey him must be punished or the man who refuses to pay head to God’s will must firmly dealt with. God can use storm or natural calamities as His instruments. The human beings will never be able to comprehend and imagine the power and character of God. They neither can measure His depth of love. His love does not contain sweetness but also bitterness. God is like the chilling and biting cold of winter and also the warmth of summer. He is our father who brings solace and comfort. God s love sometimes manifests in his punishment but people fail to realize.

Line by Line Analysis

Lines 1-2: Be adored among men, God, three-numbered form: Hopkins wants the entire humanity to worship God in His three aspects. God, the Supreme Power, Christ, the Son and the Holy Ghost.

Line 3: Wring they rebel dogged in den: The poet wants God to punish those people who defy Him and also the person who remains stubborn and doesn’t listen to him.

Line 4: Man’s malice, with wrecking and storm: The poet says that God can use natural calamities or shipwreck as means of punishment.

Lines 5-4: Beyond saying.....merciful then: The human tongues will fail in its efforts to describe the character of God. One must realize that God’s love has the soothing sweetness and irritating bitterness in it. He can protect and destroy through his love and lightning. He is the warmth of summer and the cold of winter. God like our father chastises and also comforts. God’s anger should be considered as a blessing because through his punishment He shows His mercy.

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