The Wreck of the Deutschland: Stanza 8 - Summary

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     The reason fails to understand and recognize the divine meaning but heart can understand it. The poet gives the image of ripeness which in other words is referred to as Christ’s arrival in the world. If one bites a ripe plum then its juice flows. So also when Christ was crucified, his blood flowed upon the entire humanity and indeed blessed the mankind. The image of Christ body on the cross is like a bitter-sweet fruit. Whether he wants or take interest in Christ or not but they cannot resist. The attraction of Christ are always feel drawn towards Him. The inner voice always inspires and drives them to march towards Christ who is considered as the hero of Calvalry, the place of Christ’s crucifixion. They have unwavering faith on Him so sceptical questions do not surface.

Line by Line Analysis

Lines 1-3: Is out with it! Oh / We lash with the best or worst / Word last! How a lush-kept plush-capped sloe: Reason will fail to comprehend but the heart can easily recognize the stress. ‘Sloe’ means a mild plum which is ripe and sweet. The piercing of flesh of plum is reminding the crucifixion of the Christ and the flowing Juice of it is like the blood of Christ for resurrection of mankind.

Lines 4-5: Mouthed to flesh-burst, Gush!—flush the man, the being with it, sour or sweet: When the plum is bitten with the mouth and its flesh pierced, its juice flows down upon the man in abundance, irrespective of the fact whether its taste is sweet or sour. Similarly, the blood of Christ after crucifixion, flowed upon mankind and left a powerful impact on human beings.

Lines 6-8: Hither go: Christ is considered as the hero of the Calvary. Calvary being the place where Christ was crucified. The people are drawn towards it. It is a spontaneous reaction to the magical attraction of Christ though people don’t mean to go nor anybody has asked them to do so. They have been prompted by their inner voice to take refuge in Christ.

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