The Wreck of the Deutschland: Stanza 33 - Summary

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      God’s mercy is fathomless and infinite like the oceans. Even oceans can’t match His mercy. His mercy is compared to boat which can sail us safely in turbulent ocean of our life if we heed to his commands. God’s mercy not only extends to those who are dead but also to those souls suffering in purgatory. He shows his mercy even to those imprisoned souls or those who are full of remorse. Christ is the only one who can redeem the souls before triumphing over them in the time of his Resurrection.

Line by Line Analysis

Lines 1-4: with a mercy.....and the dark
with a mercy that outrides: Even all the oceans of the world cannot match the limitless mercy of God.

ark: boat. God’s mercy is like a boat which can sail the passengers, the worldly people, safely across the sea of life.

the lingerer: one who is still lagging behind in his spiritual pursuits or still lingers in purgatory. God’s mercy extends to those who are suffering in purgatory.

Lines 5-8: A vein for the.....his strides.

Vein: medium or channel.

the past-prayer: refers to the people in purgatory.

pent in prison: people in prison.

Christ can channelize the prayers even to throw souls in purgatory. The souls in purgatory cannot pray like the normal human beings. Christ has become a medium for the prayers for those souls which can alleviate their suffering and can help them in their spiritual progress.

Our passion-plunged giant: the sufferings of Christ before his crucifixion.

giant: Christ

risen: Christ who rose from his grave after Crucifixion.

fetched: reached

The storm of his strides: Christ who plunged deeply to save all those souls. Christ who is the son of all merciful God plunged to liberate the souls in purgatory before his Resurrection.

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