The Wreck of the Deutschland: Stanza 32 - Summary

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      The poet pays glowing tributes to God whom he calls as the Master of the entire universe. The controller of ocean tides of the Deluge that swept the earth in times of Noah. God also controls and regulates the season. He has determined the size dimensions and the boundaries of all the oceans of the world. He even can regulate the tides or the tumultuous oceans. His power and work is beyond the knowledge of human beings. He is the Lord of all things and the Supreme Commander. His invisible presence can be felt anywhere. He knows everything. Past, present and future all is known to him but in no way. He inten-upts the free will and action of human beings.

Line by Line Analysis

Lines 1-2: I admire the.....year fs fall: God is being regarded here as the master having the control on the different aspects of nature, the ocean tides. Yore flood: It refers to the deluge described in the Bible. God is the master of all the seasons in a year. The flood was one of the way punishing the sinners by God.

Lines 3-4: The recurb.....and the wall

The all powerful God has demarcated the boundaries of oceans and has limited their water.

Gulf: oceans

girth: the size of oceans

Wharf: harbor

Wall: boundaries of the oceans

      Lines 5-6: Stanching.....past all: God’s power can check the limits and flow of water and can satisfy the agitated minds. He can control the restless minds. God is the rock like foundation on which everything stands or the source of vigor and vitality.

Past.....God: God’s actions and motives are beyond the comprehension of human beings.

Lines 7-8: Grasp God.....but abides: God is sitting on his throne majestically. The earth is His manifestation.

Bodes but abides: Time is not inscrutable before God. He knows everything and can produce everything but in no way he ever interrupts the free will given to human beings.

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