Paradise Lost Book 9: Line 826-833 - Summary

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      After enjoying the forbidden fruit to the fullest Eve begins to ponder whether to tell Adam of her action or not. Her first impose is to keep it a secret from Adam so that she would be equal or may be superior to him. However, other possibilities soon occur to her.

      God, whom Eve now calls in the manner of Satan, the Great Forbidder might have been too busy to notice her trespass but if he has, then death would be her penalty for this sin of transgression. After her death, Adam may lead a life of everlasting bliss with another Eve. The very thought of such a possibility is like death to her and this jealousy makes her resolve to share her own knowledge with Adam. She feels that she loves him so much that they much share every joy and sorrow. Because of her love she can endure not one but many deaths with him, but life without Adam would be quite unbearable to her. There is much psychological interest in Eve’s decision to share the fruit with Adam.

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