Paradise Lost Book 9: Line 782-790 - Summary

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      Eve having weighed the pros and cons of eating the forbidden fruit is won over to Satan’s reasoning and plucks and eats the fruit. Her sinful act brings the fall not only on man but of all life on earth. Soon after Eve’s violation of God’s commandment, Adam is to see that the flowers he had picked for her have withered.

      Her sin caused a wound in nature and she sighs through all her objects. The entire world suffers by this act of Eve. The serpent having achieved his aim of inducing Eve to eat the forbidden fruit now slinks back in to the thicket, unnoticed by Eve who is busy gorging on the fruit. It seemed to her, that she had never enjoyed such delight before. The action soon has its effect as she becomes ambitious feeling that she has acquired the wisdom of differentiating between the good and the bad. She even thinks that she might attain God-head. Eve’s act of eating the fruit greedily shows her to be guilty of the sin of gluttony.

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