The Sparrow and The Monkey Panchatantra Stories

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On long branches of a tree a pair of sparrows had made their home. One day, in winter, while the pair was sitting happily together, a light rain began to fall and the wind became strong.

After some time, a monkey, battered by the strong winds, came and stood under the tree, his teeth chattering with cold.

When the female sparrow saw him in this state, she said to the monkey, “With your hands and feet, you look like a human being. So why don’t you make a home for yourself?”

The monkey got angry and shouted, ‘Why don’t you shut your mouth, you slut!’

And then he said to himself, ‘What a cheek this female bird has, giving me advice!

The monkey said, ‘Why should you worry, for they say, “You should only give advice to someone who specifically asks for it, otherwise, it’s like crying in the wilderness.”

“And without much a do, the monkey climbed up the tree and tore up her nest.”

Moral of The Story “And so,” continued Karatak, “you shouldn’t give advice to just any one.” My good advice had no effect on you, but it’s not your fault, Only the good and not the bad, derive benefit from good advice. Just as a bright light put into a dark, upturned pot becomes useless, so advice given to an undeserving person, will be fruitless and ineffectual.’

“The trouble with you is, you think yourself too clever. Don’t you know the story of Dharmabuddhi and Papabuddhi? Because the son was much too clever, his father was nearly suffocated to death by the smoke!”

“How was that?” asked Damanak. Karatak explained thus. DHARMABUDDHI AND PAAPBUDDHI

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