The Bird and The Monkeys - Panchatantra Stories

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Somewhere lived troupe of monkeys. It was winter time. The rain, accompanied by a strong wind, drenched their bodies, and they shivered with cold.

Some of the monkeys found some Gunja fruits and began to blow them, hoping to make fire from them as Gunja fruits look red like fire.

“A bird, Suchimukh, saw their vain attempts and said to them, ‘What big fools you are! Those aren’t embers of fire, they’re only fruits. You’re wasting your time! These fruits can never protect you against the cold! Find some other place to shelter, where the rain and the wind can’t reach you.’

‘Fool yourself!’ said one of the old monkeys. ‘What is it to do with you! For they say, “A wise man who wants to succeed, should never give advice to a man who has been repeatedly obstructed in his work or to a gambler, who has just lost his work or to a gambler, who has just lost his money.”

Disregarding what the old monkey had said, the bird persisted in asking why the monkeys were making such an effort and all to no purpose and he refused to stop his chatter.

One monkey, who had become frustrated by his vain efforts, caught hold of the bird by the wings and smashed him against a stone, killing him.

“And other thing you should not give advice to just anyone. A furious monkey destroyed a sparrow’s nest for the same reason.”

“How was that?” Asked Damanak. And Karatak told this story. THE SPARROW AND THE MONKEY

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