Henry VI Part 3: by Shakespeare - Summary

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      Henry VI 3rd Part shows also the emergence of the interesting and powerful Richard who is intent on getting rid of all his rivals to ascend the throne himself. The theme of civil war has taken up so much of the playwright’s attention that he does not bother to strengthen or repeat the usual theme of Kingship in this play. The unwieldy historical details included in the first two plays on Henry VI distract him from organizing them into harmonious and well-proportioned wholes. Richard’s soliloquies at the end of the play prepare us for a play on Richard III.

      As a history play Henry VI brings home one of the beliefs held by the Elizabethans. The sinful murder of Henry VI does not stop with a disturbed England in his time, but the curse is brought with full vigor on his grandson who sees a bloodthirsty, avaricious, heartless England in the form of the nobles going to any extent to get the crown. Apart from this Henry VI does not enjoy the popularity of the other plays in the same tetralogy.

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