Henry VI Part 2: by Shakespeare - Summary

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      Henry VI Second Part brings dissension from the mere background to the forefront. The unfortunate marriage of Henry VI to Margaret of Anjou and her relationship with the Duke of Suffolk and the conspiracy with others like the Duke of York and Suffolk cause the death of Gloucester. One of them, the Duke of Suffolk, is captured by a warship and put to death since he was the cause of much disturbance in England. The other two plotters against Gloucester’s death York and Queen Margaret get their punishment in the concluding part of the play. The second part, with the murder of Duke Humphrey, the rise of York, the destruction of Humphrey’s murderers and the enmity of the Queen and the Duke of York bring bloodshed and confusion to the very edge of it. The third part shows chaos itself, the full impact of the civil war bringing the ruthless acts of horror. Like those between the father d the son one after the other. Young Clifford kills the 12-year-old Rutland. The three sons of York attack Prince Edward (son of Henry VI) and kill him too. The king himself is imprisoned in the Tower of London. The death of Henry VI and many of the nobles in their attempt to secure the throne leaves us with the impression of crude horrors and the wickedness of civil war.

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