Gulliver's Travels: Part 2, Chapter 2 - Summary

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      In this chapter, Gulliver has described the caring behavior of farmer's daughter towards him. The young girl would caringly dress and undress Gulliver. She made seven shirts for him and would wash his clothes herself She also taught the author the names of many things. She was very good-natured and gave him a new name that was Grildrig, a human model. The author called her his Glumdalclitch or little nurse. As long as the author remained in Brobdingnag, they never parted. The news soon spread in the neighborhood that his master had found a strange little animal who was shaped exactly like a human being. He has also provided a detailed description of the ways in which the farmer began to earn good profits by exhibiting Gulliver. He began his profitable business on the advice of an old friend who once visited him to see Gulliver. The daughter of the former felt ashamed and grieved. She did not want Gulliver to be hurt or insulted during such shows. It was a great relief for both Gulliver and his little nurse that they were together during every show. Gulliver would show various feats on the command of his little nurse since he had learned their language to a great extent. The farmer would take Gulliver and his daughter to the towns market on market day and would show his feats at home on the other days. Gulliver would get rest only on Wednesday as it was the day of Sabbath. Later, with the intention of earning huge profits, the farmer decided to go to the Metropolis to show Gulliver's feats. It took ten weeks to reach the Metropolis. During the journey, Gulliver was shown in eighteen large towns besides many villages and private families. On reaching the Metropolis which was called Lorbrulgrud, meaning the Pride of the Universe, the farmer took lodgings in the principal street of the city near the royal palace and put out bills containing an exact description of Gulliver.

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