Gulliver's Travels: Part 1, Chapter 8 - Summary

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      The trip to Blefuscu not only saved Gulliver from the impeachment trial but also bestowed on him his most awaited opportunity to return to his native land. On the third day of his stay at Blefuscu, Gulliver discovered a boat at some distance in the sea. It took Gulliver ten days to bring that boat to the shore, where it was repaired with the help of five hundred Blefuscudians including the best carpenters of the state. Meanwhile, a royal letter was sent to the emperor of Blefuscu on behalf of the Lilliputian emperor to send Gulliver back to Lilliput with his hands and feet bound.

      In his return mail the Blefiiscudian emperor turned down the request of the Lilliputian emperor as he owed great obligations to Gulliver. He offered Gulliver protection if he continued in his service that Gulliver very politely turned down and requested him to help him return to his native place. The emperor readily granted his wish and loads of flesh, drinks alive cattle, sheep, and fifty purses of 200 gold coins each were gifted to Gulliver after a month when his ship was ready to sail.

      While sailing, on September 26th, 1701 Gulliver's ship found an English merchant ship whose captain was Mr. John Biddel. An old comrade of Gulliver, Peter Williams was also in the same ship. Gulliver was lifted on to the ship with his boat. After reaching England he made good money with the shows of Blefuscudian sheep and cattle. Finally, he sold them for six hundred pounds. By now Gulliver had become a well-off man with properties of his own alongwith the properties left by his uncle John. After ensuring the financial security of his family Gulliver decided to go on another adventurous voyage.

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