Gulliver's Travels: Part 1, Chapter 7 - Summary

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      Gulliver is informed about an intrigue which has been hatching for the last two months. A considerable person from the royal court secretly visited him and told him about the articles of impeachment against him and other capital crimes. The considerable person also gave him a copy of the articles of impeachment where Gulliver was accused of breaking the law by extinguishing the fire at the imperial palace by urinating on it, he was accused of refusing the emperor’s wish to bring all the warships of the enemy, he was accused of entertaining the ambassador of the enemy state; he was also accused of accepting the invitation of the enemy emperor.

      The emperor was not in favor of capital punishment for Gulliver but many of the courtiers were. With the intervention of Reldresal who was a true friend to Gulliver, it was finally decided that Gulliver would be blinded and secretly his diet would be reduced so that he would die of starvation.

      Although capable of destroying the entire metropolis, Gulliver did not take any revenge remembering the good days he had spent with the emperor and with other Lilliputians, rather he decided to flee to Blefuscu on the pretext of paying a visit to the emperor. Gulliver was heartily welcomed by the emperor of Blefuscu as well as by the queen, princes, the royal courtiers and the common people.

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