The Rape of The Lock: Lines 787-794 - Summary & Analysis

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Lines: 787-794. Not all the tresses.....Belinda's name

      Summary: These are the concluding lines of the poem. Having related how Belinda's lock shot up to and added a new light to the heavens, the poet urges the nymphs not to mount her loss. Her very loss ensured her immortality. Not all the locks of beautiful women can attract such envy or grudging contemplation as this one; because, after all the deaths caused by Belinda's eye, when numberless victims have been laid low, and she herself will die, when the light in her eyes will become extinct, some lock will be made famous by the Muse, and her name will become lustrous and lasting as the stars above.

      Critical Analysis: The poem ends with a comparison of Belinda's eyes with the brightness of the sun. If we remember, the poem opens with the same sort of comparison and in a way, it gives a total unity to the whole poem.

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