The Rape of The Lock: Lines 777-784 - Summary & Analysis

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Lines: 777-784. This the beau.....the fall of Rome

      Summary: Having related how the spirits pursued the career of Belinda's lock as it shot across the heavens in the likeness of a comet, the poet here notices other likely reactions to this sight. The fashionable world would observe it from the Mall and greet its favourable light with music. The happy lover would think it to be a symbol of Venus, and send up pledges of love from his resort near Rosamonda's Pond. John Partridge, the foolish astrologer, would observe it in the clear skies, when he next watched through the telescope invented by Galileo, and on the basis of it predict the downfall of the Pope and the King of France then at war with the English.

      Critical Analysis: This passage demonstrates the frivolous nature of the people occupied in different professions and their views of looking at things. This is very well demonstrated by Pope in the sight of lover and an astrologer. Thus, Pope has used comparisons and contrast to reveal an insight of a person.

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