The Rape of The Lock: Lines 659-662 - Summary & Analysis

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Lines: 659-662. How vain in face

      Summary: Clarrisa here makes a plea for good humour before the enraged - Thalestris and the sorrowful Belinda. Women are called angels, and adored like angels. They should therefore, prove worthy of their honor. Men pay homage to them and they take immense pains to earn this, but these are all useless unless women show good humor and preserve their achievements. If it were so, men might say of the ladies in the front boxes, that they were the most conspicuous, not only for their beauty of exterior but also for their inner qualities.

      Critical Analysis: Clarissa is a puppet in the hands of the poet She is the symbol of sanity in this world of vanity Through Clarissa's speech Pope lays down the moral of the poem.

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