The Rape of The Lock: Lines 645-650 - Summary & Analysis

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Lines: 645-650. She said: the.....rag'd in vain

      Summary: Belinda bewailed the rape of her lock in a piteous strain and the hearers were deeply touched by her sorrow and shed tears. Fate, however, conspired With Jupiter, the arbiter of human destiny, and made the Baron deaf to this appeal. Thalestris showered invectives on the ravisher, expecting in this manner to move him, but it was to no effect, for none could possibly succeed where the beautiful Belinda had failed. Aeneas remained firm in his resolve in spite of all the entreaties of the queen Dido and her sister Anna to delay his departure from Carthage. The Baron proved still more adamant.

      Critical Analysis: In these lines, Pope has made a lighthearted imitation of Virgil's epic. This allusion pertaining to an incident in Virgil's epic is one of the typical mock-heroic touches in The Rape of the Lock. The attitude of Lord Petre is wittily contrasted with the ungrateful and unfeeling resolution of Virgil's hero.

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