The Rape of The Lock: Lines 396-400 - Summary & Analysis

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Lines: 396-400. The berries crackle.....the smoking tide

      Summary: These lines describe the cheerful feast that Belinda arranges to celebrate her victory over her two rivals at the game of Ombre. The table is crowded with cups and spoons. A party is being arranged in honor of the victory. The berries are broken, and the coffee is being powdered into fine flakes. The silver lamp is lighted on the Japanese stand, and this silver lamp illuminates the dark corners of the room. The coffee pot has a silver spout through which the liquor glides gracefully out. The hot and steaming liquor pours into the porcelain cups. The poet shows a rare colour sense. He seems to be fond of silver bright colors. The Japanese stand is made of silver and the coffee pot too is made of silver. The lamp is like a fiery spirit blazes in a glowing red color. The coffee liquor, hot and boiling pour gracefully into the cups made of China clay.

      Critical Analysis: Pope is sensuous like Keats in his rich imagery of color. Sir Wilson Knight remarks: "The poem has imaginative solidity, close-packed unity, perceptual density. Belinda's toilet, the lock, snuff box, and the coffee pots all are rounded and convincing. The author stresses on bright things 'silver-vase’, 'silver lamp', 'golden crown’, 'liquid gold', 'guided chariots' etc.

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