The Rape of The Lock: Lines 355-364 - Summary & Analysis

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Lines: 355-364. Thus far both.....grasps the globe?

      Summary: In these lines, the game of Ombre proceeds further. Belinda who has won four tricks, lacking trump cards, is forced to play the King of Clubs. The only remaining trump card is with the Baron and it is the Queen of Spades. The royal partner of the King of Spades immediately rushed out of the Baron's hand, and like the Amazons, described by Homer as a sect of fierce, warring women, subjugated the King of Clubs. And this was the first loss suffered by the beautiful lady. The King of Clubs, no doubt had the arrogant look and pompous dress of a brutal monarch but nothing could withstand the on-slaught of the fierce Queen of Spades. Of all the card Kings, the King of Clubs alone possessed the symbol of earthly authority—the globe! But even that globe lay useless in the hand of the defeated King, thus proving the complete victory of. the mighty Queen of Spades.

      Critical Analysis: The description of this scene has the true grandeur of the epics. Though mock-serious in attitude, the description is very minute and the poet does not miss the fact that the King of Clubs is the only King with a globe.

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