Under The Greenwood Tree - Short Summary

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      Under The Greenwood Tree is a wonderful picture of rural life. Nature is present with all her charms. It is the first successful novel of Hardy. The story runs in the village of Mellstock. Dick Dewy is the son of a poor pedlar who passed his whole life without being settled in a single profession. Fancy Day is a school mistress. Both fall in love with each other. These young lovers face all the implications which are usually created either by the society or by Fate. Overcoming all difficulties both are happy wedded. The bitterness which is mixed with sweetness throughout the novel makes it very interesting. The delightful racy talk of the Mellstock musicians leaves an unending impression on the minds of the readers. Fancy Day was allured by a vicar only once when she was engaged to Dick. But soon she comes to her senses and keeps her mouth shut about the vicar's urges. There are reflections of immaturity here and there in the novel but the interesting feature of the novel and the qualities of the idyll which the novel provides no one can deny.

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