Far From The Madding Crowd - Summary

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      Two threads go side by side to weave the plot of this novel. A strong contrast between pure and selfless love with passionate unscrupulous love is presented. Gabriel Oak a poor shepherd falls in love with the capricious but beautiful virgin Bathsheba who is the owner of a good property. For many years Bathsheba does not come to know about the love of Gabriel Oak; but he goes on loving her devotedly. The humble Gabriel saves her from many difficulties on various occasions.

      There is an extraordinary smart soldier, a gallant type of youth, Sergeant Troy. He allures Fanny Robbin and after quenching his animal thirst leaves her to die in child-birth. After her death, he wins Bathsheba by showing some feats of sword. He marries her and treats her very badly. The middle-aged man Farmer Boldwood was deeply in love with Bathsheba. His proposal was rejected by her. The fellow does nothing except keep mute. The ill-treatment of the sergeant was enough to enrage him and Boldwood killed him. Afterward, he went mad.

      In the meanwhile, Bathsheba had realized the devotional and unselfish personality of her well-wisher Gabriel Oak. Consequently, they are tied together in the bonds of holy, matrimony.

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