The Return of The Native: Book 5, Chapter 6 - Summary

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CHAPTER VI: Thomasin Argues with Her Cousin and He Writes a Letter


      Meanwhile, Clym Yeobright anger is almost melted away. He Waits for Eustacia to come to him. He is even willing to admit that there is nothing immoral in Eustacia's friendship with Wildeve.

      On November 5, he decides to visit Thomasin and Wildeve but there Thomasin was alone. He then narrates the incidents that resulted in their separation, omitting Wildeve's role. He decides to wait for four or five more days and if he does not receive any response he will write to her. Then he comes back to Blooms-End, writes a letter and decides to post it, if she will not come by the following evening.

      At the Inn, Thomasin suspects that Wildeve is still interested in Eustacia. When he comes back she tells him that she is very much frightened to sit alone in the Inn. He pays no attention to her words. She reveals that she had heard gossip concerning Wildeve and Eustacia, which makes him angry. Her eyes are filled with tears. Then, he tries to pacify her and says that they can speak on other matters.

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