The Return of The Native: Book 5, Chapter 4 - Summary

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CHAPTER IV: The Ministrations of a Half-Forgotten One


      Eustacia leaves Clym and returns back to her grandfather's house. When she reaches there she finds the door locked. Charly, the hired hand, tells her that the Captain had gone to Weatherbury and the servant went home for a holiday. Charly understands that something had happened to her and she is in a state of extreme depression. Charly takes care of her, forces the door open and builds fire.

      In the bedroom of the captain, she find pistols hanging. She stares at it for a long time. Frightened by her own thoughts she comes down. Then she hurries upstairs, but the pistols are not there. Charly had already taken the pistol as he feared that she may do some harm to herself. When the captain returns, he orders her old room prepared for her to take rest because the countenance of Eustacia tells everything to him. This chapter reveals the depth of Eustacia's despair after she argues with Clym.

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