The Return of The Native: Book 3, Chapter 5 - Summary & Analysis

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CHAPTER V: Sharp Words are Spoken and a Crisis Ensues


Mrs. Yeobright Speaks Harshly to Clym

      Everyday Clym used to either meet Eustacia or sit laboriously with his studies. One day when Mrs. Yeobright confirmed from Clym about his engagement to be married to Eustacia as she had heard a rumor, she felt very depressed. She was also troubled to hear that Clym had decided not to go back to Paris and was going to stay there as a school-master. She neither wanted her sori to leave the lucrative job in Paris nor did want Clym to marry Eustacia as she considered her to be an unworthy person. She did not want her son over whom she had taken much pains to marry badly which would distress her and shorten her life. These sharp words brought tears to Clym and he gave up the idea of arranging a meeting between his mother and Eustacia that very day.

They Decide to Marry without Delay

      Egstacia, after meeting Clym that day could make out from his mood that his mother must have tried to influence him and she might succeed in prejudicing him against her. Clym also refused to accept any disrespect hurled at Eustacia from anyone and decided to get married within a fortnight without any delay to get rid of all this.

Critical Analysis

      In this chapter, Mrs. Yeobright is shown to be not able to reconcile herself to Clym's marrying Eustacia. This chapter also shows that Clym has already made up his mind regarding his future vocation and it depicts the harshness in the nature of Mrs. Yeobright. Though Clym assures his mother that he also cares for her and loves her more than Eustacia yet Mrs. Yeobright continues abusing Eustacia.

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