The Return of The Native: Book 3, Chapter 4 - Summary & Analysis

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The Love affair between the Two

      Clym continued meeting Eustacia inspite of his mother's disapproval. Within three months both were deeply in love with each other. Clym said that he loved Eustada "to oppressiveness" but she was doubtful about his blind faith as she believed that it would not last for long and Clym assured her of never leaving her. Eustacia even informed Clym of he previous love affair and also believed that Mrs. Yeobright would never approve this relation though Clym was bent upon marrying her.

Eustacia Longs to Go to Paris

      Eustacia started encouraging Clym by asking him all sorts of questions about Paris so that Clym would take her there. But Clym was stubborn and decided to remain in Heath. Eustacia assured Clym that she would make a perfect wife and she was so deeply in love with him that she could even sacrifice dreaming of Paris for his sake. But she expressed her wish to go to Paris with him always. She longed to go to the French capital secretly.

The Rift between Clym and Mrs. Yeobright

      The gap between Clym and his mother widened as he became more intimate with Eustacia. The situation had turned very difficult for Clym: "Three Antagonistic growths had to be kept alive his mother's trust in him, his plan of becoming a teacher and Eustacia's happiness." It was difficult for him to tackle all the three together. Just when his mother was beginning to tolerate his first scheme of teaching, he had introduced another still bitterer scheme which was too much for her to tolerate.

Critical Analysis

      This chapter very vividly describes Clym and Eustacia's growing love affair and their dreams. It also depicts the mood of love on one side and the mood of hatred and intolerance of Mrs. Yeobright on the other.

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