What Account of Struldbrugs was Furnished by the Interpreter?

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      The interpreter said that struldbrugs commonly acted like mortals till about thirty years old after which they grew steadily dejected. When they came to eighty years, they had not only all the follies and infirmities of other old men, but many more, which arose from the dreadful prospect of never dying. They found themselves cut off from all possibilities of pleasure, and whenever they saw a funeral they lamented that others had gone to a harbor of rest to which they themselves never can hope to arrive. Their memory failed steadily. As soon as they had completed the term of eighty years they were looked on as dead in law; their heirs immediately succeeded to their estates, only a small pittance was reserved for their support, and the poor ones were maintained at the public charge. After that period they were held incapable of any employment of trust or profit, they could not purchase lands or take leases, neither were they allowed to be witnesses in any cause, civil or criminal. They were reduced to a ruin trapped in immortality.

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