Author Mentioned Royal Families of Europe in Gulliver's Travels

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The author has mentioned many discrepancies of the royal families of England and Europe. Explain some of them along with the reasons as furnished by the author.

      The author desired the governor would call up the spirits of a dozen or two of kings, with their ancestors, in order, for eight or nine generations. But the authors disappointment was grievous and unexpected; for, instead of a long train with royal diadems, he saw in one family two fiddlers, three spruce courtiers, and an Italian prelate; in another a barber, an abbot, and two cardinals. He found himself able to trace the particular features by which certain families were distinguished up to their originals. He could plainly discover from where one family derived a long chin, why a second abounded with knaves for two generations, and fools for two more; why a third happened to be crackbrained, and a fourth to be sharpers. He understood how cruelty, falsehood, and cowardice grew to be characteristics by which certain families were distinguished as much as by their coats of arms; who first brought the pox into a noble house which has lineally descended scrofulous tumours to their posterity.

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