Reldresal Treated in the Royal Court for Favouring Gulliver

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How was Reldresal treated in the royal court for favouring Gulliver?

      When the articles of impeachment were designed to disgrace and punish Gulliver, Reldresal, the secretary of private affairs, was also asked for his opinion and also to suggest a mode of punishment for Gulliver’s deplorable crimes. Reldresal, who always regarded himself as the author's true friend, did his best to justify the good thoughts he had for the author. Considering the situation, he had to admit that Gulliver’s crimes were great, but that still there was room for mercy. He requested the king to spare his life, and only to give order to put out both the eyes of Gulliver, for this would satisfy justice and would extend the news of his majesty's kindness to far-off places. This humble and relatively clement proposal was received with the utmost disapprobation by the whole board of crooked and malicious ministers who reproached Reldresal furiously for being partial towards a traitor and suggesting that his life be spared.

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