How did Lilliputians Manipulate the Goodness of Gulliver?

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      The Lilliputians were little in size but they were not lacking in any measures in manipulating innocent and worthy creatures like Gulliver. Gulliver was used by the king to entertain his vanity when he ordered him to stand erect with his legs asunder to let the military troops march under them. Later on, Gulliver was used as a powerful robot to draw the warships of Blefuscu to the port of Lilliput. He was also sent to extinguish the fire at the queen’s palace. Although Gulliver was a thousand times bigger and more powerful than these diminutives, yet he was not as manipulative and shrewd as them who used his strength and brains for their own gains whenever they required and designed the most appalling intrigues to get rid of him when he seemed like a burden on their economy.

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