Gulliver's Travels: Part 2, A Voyage Brobdingnag - Summary

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Plot Summary

      Gulliver who had hardly spent two months at home, gets a proposal from captain John Nicholas to join his ship as a senior surgeon. A violent storm drives the ship far away in an unknown direction. Some crewmen get down from the ship into a boat to get some fresh water from a nearby creek. The author also joins them to take a stroll on that island. The crewmen rush back to their ship leaving the author behind on that island when a giant man chases them.

      The name of this island is Brobdingnag. On this island, the average height of a man is sixty feet. Initially, Gulliver stays at the house of a substantial farmer whose nine year old daughter takes care of Gulliver. The farmer makes huge profits out of exhibiting Gulliver. Gulliver is delivered of this life of drudgery when the queen of the kingdom buys him from the farmer. The farmers daughter is also taken in by the queen to look after Gulliver.

      Then onwards he spends a very comfortable and pampered life under royal patronage. Though Gulliver is very much loved and cared for, he feels inferior and helpless in the land of these giant creatures where the smallest birds are huge and often pose a threat to him.

      The king who is simple and highly principled, ridicules the hypocrisy and the hollowness of various customs of Europe and England, which further hurts the author's patriotic emotions. At the end of the story, an enormous eagle flies away with the travel box in which Gulliver was lodging and drops it into the sea, from where it is drawn up by the crew of an English ship returning to England.

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