Gulliver's Travels: Part 1, A Voyage to Lilliput - Summary

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Plot Summary

      Gullivers Travels is an adventure novel divided into two volumes, each containing amazing adventure stories. Lemuel Gulliver, the protagonist of the novel, is a ship surgeon who is always trapped in strange situations whenever his ship is destroyed in a storm. The shipwreck forces Gulliver to take refuge in the strange islands where he finds very strange people of strange size, shape and philosophies. By the end of each story, favorable situations are created that pave the way for the author to return to his native land.

      In this first part of Volume One, the author reaches the shores of an island, after his ship Antelope is destroyed in a storm. He finds very tiny human beings on this island. This is the kingdom of Lilliput. There is another island kingdom of diminutive people nearby — Blefuscu. The author had come to the kingdom of Lilliputians. These people treat him with utmost generosity; The emperor and the empress are also very fond of him till their ears are poisoned by some crooked courtiers. Although Gulliver has always helped the emperor in his difficult times and followed all his instructions sincerely, except helping him to enslave the free kingdom of Blefuscu, the emperor under the influence of the wicked courtiers gets the articles of impeachment prepared for Gulliver. Gulliver who is honored and invited by the emperor of Blefuscu, moves to that kingdom and with the generous help and support of the Blefuscudian emperor manages to return to England.

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