David Copperfield: Chapter 37 - Critical Summary

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Chapter 37: A Little Cold Water

      Peggotty was about to leave for Yarmouth. She told David that he should inform her if he was ever in need of money. Miss Betsey had by now made many improvements in the house. She had even succeeded in showing Mrs. Crupp her proper place.

      Dora was not yet aware of David's misfortunes. Therefore, on a Saturday evening, when Dora was expected to be at Miss Mills's house David went to give the unhappy news. He suddenly asked her if she could love a beggar. This question very much upset Dora and terrified her. She wept bitterly. When he asked her if she knew something of housekeeping accounts and cooking, she was further upset, so much so, that David feared he had almost killed her. At that very moment, Miss Mills intervened and brought peace between the two lovers. She told David that his suggestion was not suitable for Dora, as she was "a thing of light and airiness and joy." She was not aware of household chores. After this, they had tea and were happy again. Dora told David that it was ridiculous for him to get up at five o'clock in the morning in order to work. Nevertheless, David continued loving Dora passionately.

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