David Copperfield: Chapter 36 - Critical Summary

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Chapter 36: Enthusiasm

      The next day David visited Dr. Strong at his Highgate residence and was engaged to act as his Secretary in his free time - mornings and evenings - for seventy pounds a year. David then called on Mrs. Annie Strong. Presently, Jack Maldon appeared as well. He had recently come back from India. He asked Mrs. Strong, if she, would like to go to the opera that night. Mrs. Strong, however, preferred to stay at home.

      Mr. Dick felt worried on account of Miss Betsey Trotwood. He wanted to do something to help her. So David took him to Traddles who advised Mr. Dick to do copywriting. Acting on this advice, Mr. Dick had earned ten shillings and nine pence within a couple of days. He got them changed into six pieces, arranged them on a tray in the form of a heart and presented it to Miss Betsey, with tears of joy and pride in his eyes.

      One day David Copperfield got a letter from Mr. Micawber. He had invited David to visit him with Traddles. When they met him at his lodging, he informed them that he was going over to Canterbury to work under Uriah Heep as a confidential clerk. Mrs. Micawber was very hopeful that her husband might rise to be a judge or even a chancellor. Mr. Micawber gave Traddles an I.O.U. for his debts, with the claim that he would pay them back. This was done with such ceremony that it seemed Mr. Micawber was paying the money instead of returning a loan. They parted on a cheerful note.

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