David Copperfield: Chapter 63 - Critical Summary

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Chapter 63: A Visitor

      After ten years of Wedded life with Agnes, Mr. Peggotty visited David. He had come for a short while from Australia. By this time David had advanced in fame and fortune. Mr. Peggotty told him that all of David's friends were thriving in Australia. Mr. Micawber had become a successful magistrate and had cleared all his debts. Martha had married a farm laborer. Even Mrs. Gummidge had got an offer of marriage but she had hit the ship's cook who had proposed, with a bucket and that was her way of refusing a lover. Emily lived with him and was loved by everybody but she refused to marry.

      David Copperfield took Mr. Peggotty to Yarmouth. Mr. Peggotty gathered a tuff of grass from Ham's grave. He said that Emily had asked for it.

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