David Copperfield: Chapter 54 - Critical Summary

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Chapter 54: Mr. Micawber's Transactions

      On the advice of Agnes David decided to go abroad so as to forget his misery. But he had to go to Canterbury first, to settle the affairs of Agnes. Agnes wanted to open a school in the old house. She felt that it would make her useful and happy. Traddles informed David's aunt that he had recovered her five thousand pounds.

      On their return to London, David and his aunt arranged for the emigration of the Micawbers to Australia. The Micawbers were delighted at this prospect. Their goods were sold to a broker and in addition, Miss Betsey gave them a hundred pounds.

      After this David and his aunt returned to London. Miss Betsey told David that her husband had died the night before they had gone to Canterbury. He had wanted to meet her in his last moments and was repenting. David drove with his aunt to the Churchyard where her husband was buried exactly thirty-six years after the day of his marriage to David's aunt.

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