David Copperfield: Chapter 40 - Critical Summary

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Chapter 40: The Wanderer

      Miss Betsey read David's letters written to Dora's a tint and approved of it. David waited for the response.

      One day while returning home David happened to meet Mr. Peggotty on the steps of a church. David came to know from Mr. Peggotty that Emily had written three letters to him enclosing different sums of money. But Mr. Peggotty told David that he had not touched it since he wished to return it to her. He had just returned from France and now that he had received another letter postmarked Upper Rhine, he was going there the next morning to look for Emily.

      While they were engaged in talking, David saw Martha at the door listening attentively. However, it seemed she did not wish to have her presence known to Mr. Peggotty.

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