David Copperfield: Chapter 39 - Critical Summary

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Chapter 39: Wickfield and Heep

      On the request of his aunt, David Copperfield made a trip to Dover to see if everything was well at her cottage. Janet had gone over to Mr. Annie Strong's establishment. On his way back to London he visited Mr. Wickfield at Canterbury. He found Mr. Micawber in a black dress working in the small office. A change had come upon Mr. Micawber. He spoke well of Uriah Heep and avoided any discussion on the affairs of Mr. Wickfield and Uriah Heep.

      Once again David met Agnes and the two discussed his love affair. Agnes advised David to act in an honorable manner and write to Dora's aunts seeking their permission to visit Dora.

      On his visit to Mr. Wickfield, David was invited by him, after getting Uriah's consent, to spend the night there. He noticed that Uriah and his mother never left Agnes or her father alone with him. He felt very uncomfortable at this.

      After dinner, Uriah got Mr. Wickfield drunk. He then expressed his desire to marry his daughter Agnes. Mr. Wickfield was furious hearing it. Later that night David advised Agnes never to sacrifice herself under the illusion of a sense of duty. Agnes was greatly disturbed at his words but she assured David that there was no need to worry.

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