David Copperfield: Chapter 23 - Critical Summary

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Chapter 23: I Corroborate Mr. Dick and Choose a Profession

      When David reached London, he found his aunt waiting for him. She had been busy making inquiries about a job for David. She was glad to know that David, as suggested by her, would like to become a Proctor. She was ready to pay ten thousand pounds as the fee which was required for his training at Messrs. Spenlow and Jorkins, in Doctors Commons. Finally, they decided to go there so as to finalize the matter.

      As David and his aunt proceeded towards Lydgate Hill, a shabby-dressed man stopped and stared at them. On seeing him, Miss Betsey was very much agitated. She asked David to get her a coach and wait for her at St. Paul's Churchyard, as she had to accompany that man.

      After half an hour when Miss Betsey rejoined David at the Churchyard she requested David not to refer to that incident again.

      After this incident, they reached the office of Spenlow and Jorkins and settled everything. After that, they arranged for his accommodation with Mrs. Crupp. Having finished all business they left for Dover the next day.

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