David Copperfield: Chapter 14 - Critical Summary

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Chapter 14: My Aunt Makes Up Her Mind About Me

      Miss Betsey asked a few questions and Mr. Murdstone replied that he was ready to take back David but if Miss Betsey interfered his doors would be shut against him. Then Miss Betsey asked David if he was willing to go. But David requested her not to send him back with Mr. Murdstone. When she asked Mr. Dick for his advice, he said "Have him measured for a suit of clothes directly." Taking the hint Miss Trotwood asked Mr. Murdstone to go if he pleased. She pointed out to him that he was a tyrant who had broken Clara Copperfield's heart.

      She also threatened Miss Murdstone to knock off her bonnet and tread on it if she ever dared to ride a donkey across her green lawn.

      Thus, Miss Betsey Trotwood came to be the guardian of David Copperfield. David thanked his aunt and kissed her gratefully. He also shook hands with Mr. Dick.

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