Nawab Bahadur: Character Analysis in A Passage To India

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      Nawab Bahadur was a rich Muslim landowner in Chandrapore, who maintained contacts with the English officers, in order to get some benefits and contracts from them. Mr. Turton knew him through and through, though Mrs. Turton did not mind accepting occasional bribes from Indians like the Nawab Bahadur. He met Ronny and Adela on the polo-ground and offered to take them on a drive in his new motor-car, which, however, met with an accident. In Miss Derek's car, he was made to sit in the front, with Miss Derek's two dogs in his lap. At his house, he was troubled by the ghost of the man whom he killed under his car, though no one knew about it. The Nawab Bahadur was looked upon by the English as one of their loyal supporters, but after Azia's trial even the Nawab Bahadur found it difficult to side with the British. The crowd was violent and riotous. It wanted to march to the English officer's bungalows and set them on fire. It went to the hospital to release Nurreddin, Nawab Bahadur's grandson, who, it was rumored, was being ill-treated. The Nawab Bahadur handled the explosive situation tactfully by taking away Nurreddin and announcing that he was giving up the title of the Nawab Bahadur, conferred on him by the British. The crowd was pacified. The Nawab Bahadur then onwards called himself Zulfikar Khan.

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