Dr. Panna Lal: Character Analysis in A Passage To India

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     Dr. Panna Lal was a colleague of Dr. Aziz in the local Minto hospital. He was highly selfish and clever. He acted as a willing spy of Major Callendar. He would even stoop low enough to carry tales against his colleagues. Aziz described his character as slack and unpunctual. Dr. Lal had made an appointment with Aziz that they would both go to the Bridge party together but Aziz changed his mind at the last moment and fooled Dr. Lal by evading him. when he met his friend after the Party was over, Aziz told him lies and made lame excuses and finally turned him into an enemy by frightening his horse. Dr. Lal took his vengeance by promising to give evidence at his trial against him. However, when Aziz was acquitted and the crowd approached the hospital, Dr. Panna Lal abjectly threw himself at the mercy of Dr. Aziz apologizing for his conduct and saving his life thereby.

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