Mrs. Dalloway: Chapter 11 - Summary

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      Mrs. Dalloway was taking rest when Elizabeth opens the door. She is, unlike the Dalloway's, dark with Chinese eyes on a pleasant pale face. She is gentle, considerate and full of the perfect sense of humor. The door was ajar and Miss Kilman listens to everything. Miss Kilman is ugly, clumsy, poor and lives by the actions. She has come there to take Elizabeth along but feels greatly hurt because Mrs. Dalloway has laughed at her and ill-treated her. Sometimes Kilman thinks why should she suffer when other women like Clarissa escapes from suffering; but finally, she rationalizes everything by recalling what Mrs. Whittaker has told her that knowledge comes through suffering. Only pleasure of eating is enjoyed by her. She tells Elizabeth that she is like a wheel without tyre, jotted by every pebble. She has a biting inferiority complex. After parting from Kilman, Elizabeth waits for an omnibus in Victoria street. She wants to be out in the air, thus she thinks to go back to home after sometimes. But people starts looking at her because she is exquisitely beautiful and people compare her with early dawns, fawns, running water and garden lilies. This makes her life a burden to her for she very much prefers to be left alone. She does not like going to the parties. Everyone falls in love with her and she feels bored. She likes to become a doctor, or a farmer possibly go to the Parliament. Her mother feels that she is immature in many ways. After reaching Fleet street Elizabeth boards the omnibus for Westminister where she lives.

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