Mrs. Dalloway: Chapter 10 - Summary

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Richard Dalloway’s Gift to Clarissa Dalloway.

      On their way of returning from Lady Bruton’s house, Hugh fancies for a Spanish necklace to gift his wife Evelyn and to Richard, it seems very odd because he has never given any gift to Clarissa Thus he decides to get flowers for her because she likes it very much. Moreover, he thinks that when he will present that to her he will say, ‘I love you’. Once he was jealous of Peter but now he feels reassured because Clarissa is weak and she wants support. Only he is able to give her that support not Peter. He feels happy because his life is almost a miracle and an achievement. He feels well-contented in front of Clarissa confessing that she has done no wrong in marrying him. Richard Dalloway reaches home at half past three. Clarissa was in her drawing-room worried and annoyed because Ellie Hendreson has made a complain that she is not invited in the party. Richard presents the flowers to her but without saying “I love you”. It pleasantly surprises Clarissa and she proceeds to express her troubles about Doris Kilman and her influence on Elizabeth. But Richard is in hurry and leaves her for a meeting after asking her to sleep for an hour according to the advice of doctor. Clarissa is once again left alone, she begins to think over again on the emptiness of life and loss of happiness.

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