Miss Derek: Character Analysis in A Passage To India

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      Miss Derek was a very interesting character. Her sense of humor was irrepressible. She made fun of the Indian Maharajas and Maharanis, whom she served as a companion. She took away the Maharaja's car and roamed about in Chandrapore. It was in this car that she gave a lift to Ronny, Adela and the Nawab Bahadur, when the Nawab Bahadur's car met with an accident. Again, it was in this car that she took away Adela from the Marabar Caves, which exhausted in Aziz's arrest on the charge of assaulting Adela in a cave. It seemed that Miss Derek's importance in the novel was because of her car, which appeared whenever an accident occurred. She ridiculed everything and everybody. In fact, as Forster remarks "Miss Derek seemed to take the whole of India as a comic opera." The last we heard of her in the novel was that she had illicit relations with Mr. McBryde, the Superintendent of Police in Chandrapore, as a result of which Mrs. McBryde was going to seek a divorce from her husband.

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