Major & Mrs. Callendar: Character Analysis in A Passage To India

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      Major Callendar was the Civil Surgeon at the Minto Hospital and poor Aziz had the misfortune of serving under him. He was always suspicious and proud and wanted that Indians should be treated as cruelly as possible. He lacked courtesy and ordered Aziz to come to him just when he knew that Aziz would be at dinner with his compatriots. He had no regard for the feelings of others. He went away to the Club without leaving a note for Aziz. He took a diabolical pleasure in the pain suffered by Nureddin and swore that the natives should be shot down by the military. His wife was worse than he in her contempt and pride. She took away the tonga which Aziz had hired for himself but did not came to acknowledge his salute. In her view, the kindest thing that one could do to a native was to let him die in peace.

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