Lucrezia Warren Smith: Character Analysis in Mrs. Dalloway

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A Desolated Pathetic Figure

      Mr. Blackstone has said, “Rezia is one of the most moving, pathetic characters in modern fiction.” Lucrezia was a young, beautiful wife of Septimus. Her sense of loneliness and life touches the heart of the readers and fills their heart with pity and full of pathos sympathy.

Her Past life

      There was a time when she was living comfortably with her parents and sisters in the lovely home at Florence. She had never known about the cares and worries of life. She had always admired English men and Septimus Warren Smith was a Englishman. Doubtlessly he was extraordinarily silent but she liked silent people. She knew it very well that English people used to be all reserved and spoke very little. Moreover, she wanted to see England. Thus she married Septimus and tragedy entered her life with him.

Her Pathos of Life

      Her husband Septimus Warren Smith fell as a victim to nervous breakdown. He lost his interest in the world outside. Thus she was left all alone but she loved him a lot and performed her duty with utmost care. She took all possible care of her husband. She felt great pain and the worst of spiritual agony when Dr. Bradshaw had advised her that Septimus must be sent to his nursing home and she would have to live away from him. But separation for her was intolerable.

The Suicide of Mr. Smith

      The only store of her happiness came just before the suicide of her husband. He talked to her very normal, laughed and cut jokes. He took interest in her and this was a moment of supreme felicity for her but soon he grew panic. In order to escape from Dr. Holmes who arrived to visit him, he flung his body out of the window and the world ended for poor Rezia.

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